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Mobile Security

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Mobile Application Security

Improve the Security of Your Mobile Applications

What is Mobile App and Mobile Code Security Risks ?

There are two main categories of mobile code security risks: (1) malicious functionality and (2) vulnerabilities.

The category of malicious functionality is a list of unwanted and dangerous mobile code behaviors that are stealthily placed in a Trojan app that the user is tricked into installing. Users think they are installing a game or utility and instead get hidden spyware, phishing UI or unauthorized premium dialing.

Increasing smartphone adoption rates coupled with the rapid growth in smartphone application counts have created a scenario where private and sensitive information is being pushed to the new device perimeter at an alarming rate.

Malicious Functionality

  1. Activity monitoring and data retrieval
  2. Unauthorized dialing, SMS and payments
  3. Unauthorized network connectivity (exfiltration or command & control)
  4. UI impersonation
  5. System modification (rootkit, APN proxy config)
  6. Logic or time bomb


  1. Sensitive data leakage (inadvertent or side channel)
  2. Unsafe sensitive data storage
  3. Unsafe sensitive data transmission
  4. Hardcoded password/keys